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Love To Journal : Gratitude : Exploring Your Roots And Foundations

Gratitude is our way of saying thank for something we value, for blessings, miracles and unexpected gifts. Practicing gratitude can raise your vibration, help to open and balance your chakras as a result. A gratitude practice can attract more abundance, happiness, health, peace, love, meaningful relationships, and other positive attributes into your life. 

Gratitude Journal Roots

A Come On A Magical Journey With Your Life's Stories...

Your journey to you and understanding how you experience life, is a journey with your heart and soul. Everything is designed to guide you through life and your journaling adventure in a positive and we hope a fun way. You will find blogs, courses, books, Love To Journal life journals and the Love To Journal Writing Circle.

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Love To Journal  - What's Your Story?

You matter. Your story matters. It's where your words have permission to tumble onto the page in anyway you desire. It's where you can be you. No need to be perfect. There's no requirement for great or even legible writing (although it helps if you can read it when reflecting). It's where the story of your life can unfold and you can make sense of it.

I write to find myself and reflect to know what to do about the things I learn 

Love to Journal 1 Simplicity _ Smiling _ Friendship _ Kindness db (2)

Simplicity | Smiling | Friendship | Kindness

Love to Journal 2 abundance db (2)

Abundance | Prosperity | Confidence | Impact

Love to Journal 3 letting go _ flow _ balance _ harmony db (2)

Letting Go | Flow | Balance |



Gratitude | Inner Peace | Purpose | Passion

Colour My Life - Self Love


Colouring mandalas and journaling are a powerful way to connect to the inner you. In this book you will be going on a journey to self-love.

Colour My Life - This Is Me

colour my life - this is me (2)

Colouring mandalas and journaling are a powerful way to connect to the inner you. In this book you will meeting you.

Meet The Artist - Deborah Burrow

Deborah Burrow Artist

You can find Debs here. Be sure to connect with her and ask how you can own one of her paintings.

I feel truly blessed to know Debs. She is an incredible artist and has gifted me the use of her paintings for my journaling books above. When you buy a book to share your heart in, you also now own a piece of Debs heART.

The whole process of making art for me is like the natural growth and rhythm of the landscapes I portray – it starts with a seed and flourishes at its own pace, giving rise to depth, vibrancy and texture.  

It is my desire that each painting will evoke a positive emotion and calm energy for the viewer, so that they may also benefit from the peace, tranquility and joy I experienced which inspired me to paint."

28 Days To A New You

Love to Journal 28 days mindset _ juicy life _ nourishing me _ declutter db (4)

28 Days To A New You takes you on a wonderful journey of self-exploration... 

You will explore your body-mind-food connections to restore contentment and happiness from within. Eliminate the stressors in your life that are draining your energy

Food, Energy, Mood & Sleep Journal

Love to Journal food and mood 8 x 10 (2)

A food, energy and mood journal also helps you to track other important things so that you can begin to understand you, can decide where you want to make changes and start to craft a unique plan for you. 

About Dale

Dale Darley The Word Alchemist

Coach | Writer | Author

One minute I thought life was ok and then I discovered the man I was married to was living a double life. One moment I was a wife, in the next my life splintered into a thousand pieces, I started divorce proceedings, packed up the motorhome, put in my dogs and drove towards a new life. 

With a pretty radical life change to tackle, I set about learning to love me and sort out my 'stuff'. And what a lot of stuff there has been. Sexual abuse from the babysitter at 10, groomed as a teenager, not very healthy relationships, anger and a work-a-holic button that was driving me towards burnout.

Through journaling and writing, I came to learn that the past is really a reference not a place to dwell. Sadly the past comes and bites you on the bum often.  It's like peeling an onion. I used journaling and writing to exorcise the darkness that resided in my head.


This process took me on a journey through journaling, reflecting and creative life writing. Which has served me well over the years.

In 2016 I discovered an overactive thyroid which forced me to work on my throat chakra, while sorting out my nutrition. My thyroid became normal in just 6 weeks.

Next my spine fractured which was to rock the entire foundation of who I thought I was. I had to take a year off work, learn to walk and breathe properly again. I refused drugs, found my root cause and healed naturally. 

I've written hundreds of thousand words, memories, stories and the truth as I see it. I needed to write so that I could make sense of everything, heal and move on.

When my spine fractured the first thing I did was drag myself to where I had a fresh blank journal. I needed to write. I needed to save my life again. Without my journal, and my determination I would not be here today.

My life and writing has borne a deep passion – helping others write their memoirs, personal histories, non-fiction self-help books and making sense of their lives through the power of words.

If nothing had happened to me, if I hadn’t traveled this path, I wouldn’t have this beautiful gift to share. You too will receive a gift from your adventures. We are spirits in human form, come to learn lessons and teach others. Embrace and accept this, I have (at long last).

Are you prepared to find out who you are and what you want in life? Are you ready embrace and accept who you are? 


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