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21 Days Of Gratitude - memories

21 Days Of Gratitude – Memories

Gratitude is when memory is stored in the heart and not in the mind. – Lionel Hampton

Day 6of 21 days of Gratitude – Memories

When faced with what we perceive as the impossible, we can break the rules or buckle under. Keep moving forward, shining your light. If it is possible in the world, it is possible for you. The process of self-transformation is to lose your entire being to the emerging light, letting the rays of your soul cascading over the world breathing life, love and sunshine, into your personal brand. When you connect to your inspirational message, rock the hell out of it!

A date with Giles and unravelling the mystery of me

I have a sweet photo of my brother and me on a rather fetching sofa, behind us is a copy of Giles, and it looks like I am holding something in my hand. Mum often said that I would have to be bribed with a lighter or similar to sit still for a photograph.

I have often stared at the photo and wondered what was going on the mind of the cheeky monkey who keeps looking back at me. As I stared at the photo, I tried to work out how old I was, it was my intention to try and remember what life was like at that time.  I wanted to step back into the faded black and white photo and be that younger me, trying to imagine what I would be saying or what games I was playing. Where did I go, who were my friends, what fascinated me, and what was it about this time went on to shape who I am today?

I have no idea why I have never really looked at it or tried to find the cover so that I could date the photo.

In less than a Googling minute, there was my cover, the 18th series which contained cartoons that ran from August 1963 to October 1964. It cost five shillings and was published by Daily Express Publications.

But then I wondered why was there a snowy scene when it looked like I was in summer clothes, does this mean that it was winter yet warm in the flat or that this was still hanging around the following summer?

So what does this tell me? My parents read the Daily Express and loved the cartoons, or was the annual a present?  Did it belong to the photographer?

It doesn’t tell me anything, except a vague date. This makes me curious about my five-year-old self. I want to remember my childhood, yet I can’t recall this memory. I can remember throwing stones at large windows and weeing on the path outside the flats.

Memories can be wonderful and I certainly grateful that I don’t have the urge to wee in the open any more and throw stones at windows. This I can only conclude was attention seeking. Which naturally makes me smile, as today I work hard to draw attention to myself, only now with more formal methods After some further rumination I wondered if I was more of a daredevil, catch me if you can attitude. I don’t need memories to know that cheeky monkey was always into things and generally and often up to no good, in a high spirited child way. I have my mum to tell me what a little minx I was.

As I sit here, smiling to myself, I realise that the cheeky monkey who became the rebel, was only ever rebelling against herself, because everyone else was too wrapped up in the theatre of their life to care.

In order to survive, we behave a certain way, and I bet if you look back at your younger self, you will see patterns emerging and similarities to beliefs and behaviours you now have.

And the psychologists amongst you are probably saying and yeah what’s new? But for me, Giles sparked off a whole train of thought and contemplation that I hadn’t expected when I put my fingers to the keyboard tonight.

I am grateful for the fun exploration into a time long past. What about you?

Journal Gratitude and Memories Prompts

When you get your journal out, muse for a while, perhaps find an old photo and lose yourself in that time. Then ask the following questions and finally, say thank you for what you have…

  • What feelings does this memory bring up for you?
  • What is the happiest memory you have of this time?
  • What aspect of yourself still resonates with the person in the photo?

Have fun, keep this positive and bring to mind the great stuff of this time.

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