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I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in. Robert Louis Stevenson

Love To Journal - Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal Roots

Give it a try, see the results! Improve your health and well-being and discover a healthier and happier you

Cultivate an attitude of gratitude and see your life expand

Gratitude is our way of saying thank for something we value, for blessings, miracles and unexpected gifts. It’s a feeling that emanates from the heart and therefore from a place of love.

Gratitude and your chakras

Practicing gratitude can raise your vibration, help to open and balance your chakras as a result. A gratitude practice can attract more abundance, happiness, health, peace, love, meaningful relationships, and other positive attributes into your life. In this journal, we are focusing on our roots and foundations.

Love To Journal - Journaling Books

Love to Journal db (1)

Simplicity | Smiling | Friendship | Kindness

Love to Journal 2 db (3)

Abundance | Prosperity | Confidence | Impact

Love to Journal 3 letting go _ flow _ balance _ harmony db

Letting Go | Flow | Balance | Harmony


Gratitude | Inner Peace | Purpose | Passion

If you love journaling then these for you. Kick start your month by imagining your perfect day, setting goals and intentions, knowing where you are and what you want to create. The journaling section is split into four key themes -  with 28 journaling prompts. We end the month with reflective practice and get set up for the new month ahead.

Colour My Life - Self Love

colour my life - journey to self love

Colouring mandalas and journaling are a powerful way to connect to the inner you. In this book you will be going on a journey to self-love.

Colour My Life - This Is Me

colour my life - this is me

Colouring mandalas and journaling are a powerful way to connect to the inner you. In this book you will meeting you.

Meet The Artist - Deborah Burrow

Deborah Burrow Artist

You can find Debs here. Be sure to connect with her and ask how you can own one of her paintings.

I feel truly blessed to know Debs. She is an incredible artist and has gifted me the use of her paintings for my journaling books above. When you buy a book to share your heart in, you also now own a piece of Debs heART.

"Each of my paintings start with a basic sketch and plan. As the creative process develops I allow the piece to show itself and breathe its own life. Being so connected with the subject of the painting aids the evolution of the spirit and mood of each artwork I produce.

The whole process of making art for me is like the natural growth and rhythm of the landscapes I portray – it starts with a seed and flourishes at its own pace, giving rise to depth, vibrancy and texture.​  

It is my desire that each painting will evoke a positive emotion and calm energy for the viewer, so that they may also benefit from the peace, tranquility and joy I experienced which inspired me to paint."

28 Days to A New You

28 Days To A New You Journal

Love to Journal 28 days to a new you

28 Days To A New You takes you on a wonderful journey of self-exploration... You will build the vision you desire and overcome your blocks through daily prompts and reflections.

You will explore your body-mind-food connections to restore contentment and happiness from within. Eliminate the stressors in your life that are draining your energy

Food, Energy, Mood & Sleep Journal

Love to Journal food and mood 8 x 10

A food, energy and mood journal also helps you to track other important things so that you can begin to understand you, can decide where you want to make changes and start to craft a unique plan for you. 

This is the companion to the 28 Days To A New You Program

Journaling Books

Writing To Heal

Writing To Heal

Writing is incredibly healing. The very act of writing releases tension and allows your subconscious thoughts to flow. Then upon reflection, you begin to see sense, patterns, ways through your problems and onto to solutions, ideas and inspiration.

With this book you will be able to explore journaling, reflective writing and creative life writing

They say about Writing to Heal

This book really inspires you to start writing, scribbling and exploring your creative side. Packed full of ideas and practical exercises it's rich in reflection, observations and the author's experiences that are all shared to help you put pen to paper. Dale shares her resources and life story generously. Thoroughly recommended.

If you love writing as I do, then you will love this book. I have always written to clear my head when times are difficult, when things go round in your brain and become unmanageable. However this takes writing to a different level and this is an exciting prospect, using it as a tool to heal from the abuse and trauma that has been a major part of my life. This is a wonderful and exciting book, it is motivating and stimulating and presents a wealth of possibilities.

After reading the sample pages, I wanted to read more, to see if it would help get the book that was in me, out (there's one in us all). After reading more I felt compelled to put pen to paper, I wrote 7 pages, they flowed! So exciting! The moment you find yourself a great teacher is a precious moment. Try the book!


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